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How to buy Portfolio with Trust Wallet?

How to buy Portfolio with MetaMask?

Buying Portfolio coin is very simple. Follow these 4 steps to get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the profits would be taken care of?2021-10-11T01:15:21+00:00

When the project has grown beyond the acquisition of other cryptocurrencies we expect to have the team together to properly manage the diversification of assets in other  lucrative industries. For example for real estate, the buying and reselling of properties or renting them out to churn in revenue like monthly dividends. However, we have many milestones to reach before we start purchasing real estate.

When will the second part of the audit be done? Where can we find proof?2021-10-11T01:12:50+00:00

We are looking to do a TechRate audit within the first 60 days of the project.  Proof of audit will be announced and posted on our site as verified as well as being publicly listed on the auditors site.

How about an Anti whale clause in the contract?2021-10-11T01:11:59+00:00

Once the smart contract is deployed, we cannot go back and change it.  These are all good things to have learned about the project, hindsight 20/20, but every project has it’s whales and even if there was a whale clause it wouldn’t stop someone from holding as much as they want to buy over separate wallets.  This is a benefit of our project over others because once profits inflate the LP the whale won’t have as much power of the LP as all others whales do in other projects.  It will be way easier to see the impact of the concept after multiple assets have been acquired when the community can experience the benefits of the profits returning to the project week over week.

Instead of 5% reflections 5% investment wallet it could be 4% reflections 4% investment wallet 2% LP so its not completely reliant on the profits and already is a more stable coin from the start?2021-10-11T01:16:38+00:00

Since the smart contract has already been created, we cannot go back and change any percentages of where the transactions fees are dispersed.  We have enough faith in the tokenomics of the project that when we reach a state of maturity, the community will see the strength and stability the token is designed to produce long term as we acquire a more diversified Portfolio.

Why not directly add 1-2% of fees directly into the lp pool to have a direct impact on the stabilization of the token?2021-10-11T01:09:31+00:00

That would be one way to stabilize the project but it is not the model for the vision that we have created.  The main purpose of the token is to hold assets that can overinflate the LP and have the project backed by assets outside of the tokens economy to continue to fuel long term growth for the holders  That 1-2% fee isn’t going to separate our project from many other projects as well as offer the long term stability and strength we are looking for.

What exactly was the point of sending the first burn to a dead wallet instead of burning the actual tokens?2021-10-11T01:02:05+00:00

The reason for sending them to a dead wallet is to pull the tokens out of circulation.  This was also the tokens sitting in the contract wallet so we wanted to show that the dev team was just not holding all of these tokens.  Once the project gets listed on CMC we can submit proof of burn (dead wallet address) the remaining token supply will be updated.

Will there be actual burns on investment purchases?2021-10-11T01:03:15+00:00

Our goal is to burn tokens as we need to in hitting growth milestones for the project, not looking to just burn tokens on a consistent basis just to excite people.  The reason why most other projects look to burn tokens is because other than the supply/demand of the token, the burn is the only other feature to help improve the value, whereas Portfolios value long term will come not from burns, but from holding assets that we can bring profits back into the community.

Why not use Phases instead of timeframes for goals?2021-10-11T01:04:05+00:00

I think this is just a matter of preference but they both hold the same function of helping to lay out projections for the future.  If you felt phases would be more relevant than listing time frames, we are open to changing but the overall outcome would remain similar, if not the same.

How will the investments make profits? selling them? and putting the profits back in?2021-10-11T01:04:52+00:00

The goal would not be to sell off held assets but to build a long term Portfolio where any profits seen from those assets held can continuously be distributed back into the community.  The assets we want to acquire expect to continue to grow in value over time so we are not looking at any short term holds for assets.

Staking with eth 2.0?2021-10-11T01:05:37+00:00

In order to stake ETH 2.0, we would need to put up 32 ETH to become approved in staking ETH2.0.  It is definitely something we would be interested in growing to that point.  We are currently 1/8th complete to reaching the ability to stake ETH 2.0.

How will you make profits with Bitcoin?2021-10-11T01:08:34+00:00

The same way we intend to see profits with other assets.  Our investment wallet will grow over time for us to purchase an asset like BTC, we would purchase and hold until seeing an increase and bring the profits of the BTC held back into the Portfolio LP.

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